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Task 4 - Always-On Devices

This task examines two kinds of connected devices:

"Always-On" devices - those devices that tend to remain fully energised 24/7 such as switches, wireless access points, VoIP  telephones sets, video conferencing systems, security cameras, internet routers, ISP equivalent boxes, etc.  Energy consumption of “always on” network equipment is estimated at several TWh/year (and still growing due to new services/devices deployed and to new standards delivering more power between connected devices).  Technical solutions to reduce this consumption or to manage energy have to be designed or developed (e.g. Power over Ethernet) and benchmarked in relation to the expected quality-of-service of the communication services.  

"Through-Powered" devices are devices which are powered via their data cable.  Cable systems such as Power over Ethernet, USB, etc. will be investigated, including power management modes and power delivery specifications.

Devices from these two categories will be studied and also tested, and options for reducing energy consumption will be assessed.  

A report from this task is expected in 2018.