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Events & Meetings

EDNA's and related events and meetings are listed below.


Connected Devices in the New Energy Future

29-30 November 2018, Stockholm


2 workshops brought together key industry and government representatives to explore the role that connected devices will play in the provision of energy services into the 21st century.

Topics discussed included:

  • In the future, what will electricity grids and energy generation/storage providers require from connected devices?
  • Are the drivers in place to ensure the transition to the new energy service paradigm?
  • How can governments encourage innovation to reduce energy used for device connectivity?
Presentations from Network Zero Workshop, 30 November 2018, Stockholm

G20 Connected Devices Alliance - Workshop

21-22 March 2017, Berlin

The Connected Devices Alliance held its annual workshop in March 2017.  Materials from the workshop are available on the CDA site.


Appliance & Equipment Energy Policies for a Connected World

14 November 2016, Ottawa, Canada

Workshop aimed at examining how energy efficiency standards and labelling policies can evolve with the changing world of device connectivity.  In particular, the workshop will explore how device connectivity can form the basis for "intelligent efficiency" of connected systems, and how standards and labelling polices might stimulate this.  Presentations can be downloaded below.

Searching For Efficiency through Energy Monitoring – Promises and Opportunities

8 March 2016

Workshop to be held in Vienna, which will bring together different stakeholders from research, industry and policy to discuss promises of energy savings and possible trade-offs, market opportunities and existing as well as future policy for residential energy monitoring and management systems. 


More information here.


Connected Devices Alliance Meeting at CES

8 January 2016

The Connected Devices Alliance will hold a meeting at CES on 8 January 2016, 10:15am-11:45am


Download the invitation here.

CEATEC / EDNA Smart Devices Workshop, Japan

7-8 October 2015

The CEATEC / EDNA Smart Devices Workshop follows the EDNA Smart Appliances Workshop held in November 2014 in Korea.  The scope of the Smart Devices Workshop is network-connected, mains-powered devices in the categories of consumer electronics (e.g. audio, video) and information and communications technology.  The workshop will be held alongside the CEATEC exhibition and IEA 4E meetings in Japan.  View more information here.

16th 4E ExCo & Annex Meetings, Japan

5-9 October 2015

An overview of the 16th IEA-4E ExCo & associated meetings can be viewed here along with registration details.

15th 4E ExCo & Annex Meetings, Denmark

18-22 May 2015

An overview of the 15th IEA-4E ExCo & associated meetings can be viewed here along with registration details.

Internet of Things Applications USA 2014

19-20 November 2014


Santa Clara Convention Centre CA, USA.  More details available here.

ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference

16-18 November 2014


Hyatt Regency (Embarcadero), San Francisco CA, USA.  More details available here.

14th 4E ExCo & Annex Meetings, Republic of Korea

3-7 November 2014

An overview of the 14th IEA-4E ExCo & associated meetings can be viewed here along with registration details.

Smart Appliance Workshop, Republic of Korea

4 November  2014 (by invitation only)

EDNA will hold a Smart Appliance Workshop in Korea on 4 November 2014.  The workshop will serve to introduce EDNA to the smart appliance industry and explore ways in which industry and governments can cooperate on energy-efficient smart appliances. 

13th 4E ExCo & Annex Meetings, Utrecht, Netherlands

12-16 May 2014

An overview of the 13th IEA-4E ExCo & associated meetings can be viewed here along with registration details.


All 4E and associated annex events can be viewed on the 4E website.