IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Electronic Devices & Networks Mapping & Benchmarking Power Conversion Solid State Lighting

Member Countries

EDNA currently comprises the following countries:

Australia - Ms Michelle Croker,

Austria - Dr Adriana Diaz Triana,

Canada - Ms Katherine Delves,

Denmark - Mr Thore Stenfeldt,

France - Mr Alain Anglade,

Japan - Mr Takeo Natsume,

Korea (Republic of) - Mr. Kyungho Jo,

Netherlands - Dr Hans-Paul Siderius,

Sweden - Mr Carlos Lopes,

Switzerland - Mr Roland Brueniger,

UK - Mr Suleiman Faruqi,

USA - Mr Jeremy Dommu, Jeremy.Dommu@EE.Doe.Gov

Countries that are members of 4E are welcome to join the EDNA Annex.