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About EDNA

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The IEA 4E Electronic Devices and Networks Annex - “EDNA” - is an initiative of the International Energy Agency’s 4E Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP). EDNA focuses on “network connected devices”. These are devices connected to a communications network, for example a household WiFi network. EDNA aims to ensure that the next generation of such devices use electricity as efficiently as possible.

Network connected devices can be controlled, and this offers enormous opportunities for energy management. At the same time, there is a responsibility to ensure that these devices use a minimal amount of energy to stay connected. Soon, many more appliances and equipment will take advantage of network connectivity. In homes this might include lights, smoke alarms, whitegoods, entertainment systems, security systems, thermostats and more. In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, this list is growing rapidly.

EDNA will help align government policies in this area and keep participating countries informed as markets for network connected devices develop. Countries currently participating in EDNA are listed here.

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Network connected Devices could top 100 billion

The International Energy Agency estimates that in 2013 around 14 billion devices were network connected.  That number could skyrocket to 100 billion by 2030, driving dramatic increases in both energy demand and wasted energy.